(ADV Manga, 2004)
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On a post-apocalyptic world of sand, Kano Mutsuki has just taken up her new job as the helper at a decrepit old amusement park. Filled with the energy and vigor of her youth, Kano is ready to take on anything—including the mystery of the boy Kenta—who plays a strangely familiar ocarina—she meets on her first day.

Kenta Akagi is a pizza delivery boy in the city of Lutzheim. A free spirit, he finds himself compelled one night to run to the rescue of a mysterious child known only as Meme—a wanted girl who somehow holds the power stop a maniacal madman from ruling the world. He is her Reactor, but Kenta has no idea what that means. He only remembers Meme as woman named Kano in his dreams… but he’s never met her in his life! And how can Meme be wearing the ocarina that belonged to his younger self in a dream?

Two worlds, two parallel realities; their connection is shrouded in mystery. R2 (read: Reality Squared) is a promising manga fantasy series with an unusually sophisticated beginning.

— Shiaw-Ling Lai

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