Spank the Monkey

 SPTM   (Arrow, 1999-2000)

™ and © Arrow Comics

Spank is a talking monkey who lives with his cousin Shock and works in a comic-book shop . . . but this is not a “funny book”. Randy Zimmerman uses the little critter to examine social ills, day-to-day peeves, and just generally mouth off about whatever comes to mind. Morning coffee and its effects on the brain, the humor of Howard Stern, Jack Kervorkian and the economics of long-term suffering in our society.... all are fair targets for rambling opinions, sight gags, and more dialogue than a session of congress during an election year.

This is a truly entertaining and well done attempt to expand the mind of the above average reader.

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Flipbook with Korvus #0; B&WRandy ZimmermanRandy Zimmerman