The New Mutants: Truth or Death

    (Marvel, 1997-1998)
™ and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc.

This three-issue series began with a game of “Truth or Dare.” For the kids known as the New Mutants, it was mostly an innocent diversion from their hectic lives. “Truth: Who would you most like to kiss?” and so on.

Then it was Illyana Rasputin’s turn, and she was given a dare. Roberto (Sunspot) dared her to “Face fate and see yourself in the future.” She accepted, provided the rest of the team accompany her. Then, using her mutant powers, she teleported the team forward in time.

They arrived the same place they had left, but some years later. When they eventually met their future selves, it was mostly a pleasant surprise—most had grown up well in the passing of time. But as readers of Uncanny X-Men #303 knew, Illyana was in for a shock. She had no future self to run into, for she had died in the intervening years!

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