The Black Hole (Walt Disney…)

    (Whitman, 1980)
©1979 by Walt Disney Productions

At the edge of a black hole, the crew of the space ship Palomino encounters a solitary spacecraft. The ship is the Cygnus, commanded by Dr. Reinhardt and a veritable legion of robots. The Palomino’s crew becomes intrigued by the strange scientist, but as soon as they board his ship, they sense that something is terribly wrong.

Eventually, they peel away Reinhardt’s secrets, coming to an inescapable conclusion: Reinhardt is dangerously mad. As it turns out, the former crew of the Cygnus had realized the same thing and had dared mutiny. Using his security robots, Reinhardt had his own crew killed, turning them into the robot drones that now serve him.

By the time the Palomino’s crew discovers the truth, it’s too late to stop the plan that Reinhardt has set in motion. Like it or not, they’re all headed into the black hole—and it’s anyone’s guess what lies on the other side…

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