(Amalgam, 1996)
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In the events of the Marvel Versus DC/DC Versus Marvel crossover series, the two universes were briefly combined into one. In an unprecedented move, the two companies published twelve “Amalgam” comics, which purported to be the adventures of the combined characters. For example, Aquaman and the Sub-Mariner are combined to form the character Mariner, and so on.

JLX is the one-shot adventure of a rebel faction of a super-hero group, combining elements of The Avengers, Justice League America, and X-Factor. Gerard Jones and Mark Waid wrote, Howard Porter penciled, and John Dell inked.

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 Gerard Jones, Mark WaidHoward Porter

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Dynamic Forces Signed Edition; Autographed By Mark Waid; Limited to 450 copiesGerard Jones, Mark WaidHoward Porter