Planet of the Apes: Urchak’s Folly

 POT7   (Adventure, 1991)

™ and © 1991 Adventure Comics, a division of Malibu Comics Entertainment

This is the story of Sebastian Thorne who, not knowing who or where he is, wanders through the ruin of an overgrown city. There he encounters a beautiful young woman who rescues him from an attack of small aboriginal men. Their respite is short-lived as they are captured by a band of militant apes! After overhearing his captures’ conversations, Thorne believes Colonel Urchak will provide some glimmer of salvation. But the ambitious colonel has plans of his own—plans of conquest and creating an empire west of the Forbidden Zone. Sebastian Thorne will choose his future: the existence of a slave or the freedom of Death’s cold embrace. Lest you feel sympathy remember this fact—humans don’t have choices on the Planet of the Apes!

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