Smoke and Guns

 SMA5   (AiT/Planet Lar, 2005)

™ and © AiT/Planet Lar, ™ and ©2005 Kristin Baldock and Fabio Moon

From the Publisher:

When Scarlett, an overly ambitious cigarette girl… quick to break the rules and even quicker to pull the trigger… starts selling cigarettes outside of her district, tensions rise and the seeds of an all-out cigarette girl gang war are sown.

When you’re out on the street in the middle of the night wearing your little french maid outfit, with the short skirt and the off-the-shoulder top, Jack Daniels isn’t just your friend, it’s your coat…

…and the 9mm in your tray isn’t just your protection… it’s the compass that points you the way home.

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 Kirsten BaldockFábio Moon