Wolverine: Bloodlust

 WOL2   (Marvel, 1990)

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In the Yukon wild, a bloodthirsty creature with razor-keen claws is slaughtering men, women and children. Meanwhile Logan, the man known as Wolverine, begins to experience strange visions of blood, ice and death. But even as he investigates the murders and starts to unravel its mystical underpinnings, Wolverine is forced to wonder if he has finally lost his sanity, if HE is the killer in the snow. This chilling tale from Alan Davis and Paul Neary (ClanDestine) marks some of Davis’ earliest X-Men related work, predating his run on the series itself by a decade. Gritty yet mystical, this memorable one-shot is easily one of the more unusual Wolverine stories and one of the more compelling.

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