Mr. Cream Puff

 MRCP   (Blackthorne, 1987)

™ and ©1987 Charles Marshall

Clarence Livermore was an ordinary working Joe in city of Mississippiopolis. Like most ordinary Joes his dreams weren’t too fancy. He had a crush on Anna Rexia, the Girl Next Door type who worked with him at the Day-Old Bakery. Then, one fateful day there was the accident with nuclear waste truck and poor Clarence was nevermore. Instead of dying, he became Mr. Cream Puff!

Unfortunately, the laughter doesn’t have a chance as the jokes fall flatter than an upside-down cake, and poor design means dialog is chopped off in mid-sentence too many times to mention. Here’s the recipe for a “One Issue Series”: a half dozen lame puns, add a heaping handful of poorly drawn panels and a splash of ridiculousness yields one bad comic book.

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