Deadpool: The Circle Chase

 DTCC   (Marvel, 1993, 1996)

™ and ©1993 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

X-Men villain Tolliver is (apparently) dead, killed by the cyborg Cable. His will, which nobody has actually seen, is rumored to read, “To the victor go the spoils.” This has set in motion a furious power struggle, with everyone from Black Tom and Juggernaut to the ghastly Slayback battling it out for the prize.

In the midst of it all is Wade Wilson—the smart-mouthed mercenary known as Deadpool. Operating out of a base in war-torn Sarajevo, he’s determined that when the dust clears, Tolliver’s deadly legacy will be his.

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13 copies available from $9.95
Embossed cover; 1st appearance of Slayback (Gregory Terraerton); 1st appearance of Louis Banque; 1st appearance of Nyko (Nyko Halfghanaghan)Fabian NiciezaJoe Madureira


14 copies available from $3.33
1st appearance of Dorothy Carlysle; 1st appearance of Comcast (Garabed Bashur)Fabian NiciezaJoe Madureira


14 copies available from $8.15
1st appearance of Rive (Anastasia Summit)Fabian NiciezaJoe Madureira


9 copies available from $14.95
 Fabian NiciezaJoe Madureira

Book #1

1 copy available for $27.95
Collects mini-seriesFabian NiciezaJoe Madureira