(Image, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Image Comics, Inc.

If you’re a cop working an inner-city precinct called Hellhole, writing parking tickets isn’t the key part of your job. Which is why officer Michael Cabrinin and detective “Lurch” Wilson aren’t too surprised to discover a series of arson attacks at crack houses eventually tracks to a supernatural source. Now all they’ve got to do is stay alive long enough to put things right.

This series from writer Scott Lobdell and artist Adam Pollina takes an unusual approach in format. The words are written as a screenplay, placed alongside or beneath borderless, portrait-style panels. While interesting, some may find it distracting, particularly when the words repeat what is obvious in the pictures. Still, the darkly colored art, placed atop black paper, does add a nice, moody ambiance to it all.

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 Scott LobdellAdam Pollina


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 Scott LobdellAdam Pollina


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 Scott Lobdell, Adam PollinaRobert Walker, Paul Abrams