Preacher Special: One Manís War

 PSOW   (Vertigo, 1998)

ô and ©1998 Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

Herr Starr is the ruthless leader of the global organization called the Grail, which pursues Reverend Jesse Custer in Preacher in order to use him as the new messiah. Starr seems perhaps a bit more comprehensible, if not any more sympathetic, in this one-shot which details his background and motivation.

From his first appearance in Preacher #13 it has been apparent that all of Starrís considerable ambition is directed at accumulating power. This story details his evolution from a seeming empathic member of an antiterrorist unit in the German military to his position as head of Intelligence for the Grail. By the conclusion of this story the reader is brought up to the point that Starr became aware of Jesse Custer and realized his importance to his own plans.

ó George Haberberger

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