A Bit of Madness

    (Checker, 2005)
™ and © Emmanuel Civiello & Thomas Mosdi

Centuries ago, a bargain was struck between the world of Faerie and the world of humans to thwart the growing animosity the existed between the two nations. The queen and her court would be allowed to travel anywhere in the world, and in return she submitted the powerful Heart of Faerie. It was hidden in the body of a young innocent human. But now this delicate balance is crumbling because the Heart of Faerie has been stolen. Igguk the dwarf, Dom the troll, Cornelia, a human sorceress, and a rat named Odymus Gaumede undertake, (not altogether willingly), a quest to find the Heart and save the world of Faerie.

Fans of Tolkiens’s Lord of the Rings may find elements of this story to be familiar, but it is well worth any incidental repetition that is endemic to the genre. This book, formerly serialized in Heavy Metal and beautifully painted by Emmanuel Civiello, consists of page after page of luxuriously breathtaking images. Civiello’s story deftly combines fantasy with ancient Celtic mythology leading the reader to a poignant ending with the revelation of the human who hid the Heart of Faerie.

— George Haberberger

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Folio trade paperback; ca. 2005Emmanuel Civiello, Thomas MosdiEmmanuel Civiello