The Secret Voice

 SECX   (AdHouse, 2005)

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The Secret Voice doesn’t waste a moment, dropping the reader down a well in pursuit of the mysterious Dr. Galapagos, a vaguely superhero-ish looking adventurer who fights subterranean trolls and golems with magic and moxie. Leaving that adventure on a literal cliffhanger, writer/artist Zack Soto then puts us in the center of the ocean, where there’s a hole in the sea… But the best hook in the book is Smog Emperor, a 14-year-old boy with superpowers. What makes little Timmy West different from every superhero of the last 40 years is this: his mighty alter-ego is “a fourth-dimensional squid creature” with crystalline prosthetic hands who constantly bids Timmy to free him for a killing spree. That’s right, Timmy plays host to a malevolent, Cthuloid supervillain.

— Brendan McGinley

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Fall 2005Zack SotoZack Soto