Talismen: Return of the Exile

    (Atlantis, 2005-2006)
™ and © Atlantis Studios

A car bomb and subsequent firefight land Marine Ollie Steele in the hands of terrorists. Moments from slicing a blade across his throat, they stare in horror as their captive disappears. Ollie wakes in an unfamiliar forest with an elf-like creature staring at him. Strangely, she and the rest of her village seem to recognize him. They call him Lord Oliver and present him with a treasured sword. Convinced he’s trapped in a strange dream, Ollie accepts events and explanations without really believing them. But when a demon attacks, he swings into action. He may not know who this “Lord Oliver” is, but he can certainly fight. After all, who can stand against a Marine with a sword?

— Lorie Witkop

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