Parts Unknown Sketchbook

 PAUS   (Afterburn, 2005)

™ and © Afterburn Media

Beau Smith, writer and co-creator of Parts Unknown describes his creation as “the best homage to B-movies ever to print in a sequential art form.” He readily admits that this strip is Mars Needs Women meets Die Hard.

In this series, the earth has been invaded by a race of reptilian aliens, called Scanlons, who need our world’s women because all of their females have been killed. The aliens want to cross breed with human women to produce a hybrid race that will enslave humanity. Standing in the way of their goal are two hard-drinking, hard fighting, tough-as-nails cops named Pendelton Spurr and Maria Lucci. You may think Spurr and Lucci are doomed, but they have really big guns and a very bad attitude.

This pin-up book features pencil sketches and inked drawings and model sheets of all the main characters. Much of the work is by co-creator Brad Gorby but also featured are versions for a proposed animation-style comic byAndy Kuhn and Flint Henry. The stylistic extremes can be jarring but it is interesting to see such divergent representations of the same characters.

— George Haberberger

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 Beau Smith