RASH   (Narwain, 2005)

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Imagine Indiana Jones meeting Mad Max and you might come close to what Rash is all about. Rash is a one-man vigilante in the Deathwish mode, but he really is more interested in battling monsters that actually avenging anyone. Rash teams up with some new characters he meets, but he is a loner at heart, and basically does his own thing, kind of like when Hulk was in The Avengers. The artwork is very cinematic with many pages featuring action sans dialog, making for an intriguing read.

— Mark Arnold

From the Comic Buyer’s Guide:

Rash is a lone, mysterious warrior who is smart, ruthless, and unbeatable. A band of mercenaries witness his remarkable skills and persuade him to join their team. His reason for joining is not clear. Onak, a demented thug, and his crowd of bad-tempered goons are hot on Rash’s heals for reasons yet unnamed.

The opening scene is a beautifully choreographed fight with a clear and clever exposition describing this wildly cruel future. The reader is brought up to speed in the most thrilling and fun way possible. This typical dystopic future has familiar landmarks but a real sense of logic.

The art is a weird hybrid of American comics and manga and works perfectly. The action sequences are clear and understandable. The coloring is beautiful. This style would be annoying on Spider-Man but is ideal for this.

This short issue had intelligent commentary on commercialism, military planning, unbridled capitalism, and propaganda with a bonus of in–your–face action, characterization, dramatic tension, and even the seeds of a romantic relationship. Great!

— Mike Keeney

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