Jova’s Harvest

 JOVH   (Arcana, 2005-2006)

™ and ©2005 Steve Uy

As decreed by God, once every century the lesser gods Jova and Luci fight for the fate of the mortal world Wigg’d. As it has been done for millennia, Jova’s victory over Luci averts Armageddon, and Luci returns to Hell. But another player put a wild card on the table and this time all bets are off.

Written entirely in a cumbersome meterless rhyme that creator Steve Uy (Feather) counsels readers to ignore, Jova’s Witness presents problems for those seeking an easy engagement with the story. Fortunately, the computer illustration can keep you going even when the dialog seems rather forced. The three-issue series offers some stunning visuals and nice coloring.

— Leland Burrill

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2 copies available from $1.50
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3 copies available from $2.50
ca. 2006Steve UySteve Uy