The Pandora Pill

    (Acid Rain, 1992)
™ and ©1992 Mark A. Paniccia

100 years ago, Special Agent Christine Kirk took a pill that allowed her access to the future; but, like the mythological box that gives this black-and-white series its title, the pill opened up a world of trouble for the intrepid agent. Waking up in a time not her own, Agent Kirk finds herself on the run from the operatives of the mad scientist who developed the pill in the first place—Dr. Alexander Myron. Myron wants to keep Kirk in the future because her return to the past could jeopardize his control over a world he calls his “kingdom.” Will Kirk elude Myron’s minions and keep his dystopian future empire from becoming a reality? Find out in this black-and-white series from Acid Rain Studios and writer/artist Mark Paniccia.

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 Mark PanicciaMark Paniccia