(Arpad, 1991)
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Back in the early seventies, filmmaker Tobe Hooper made a movie about a group of travelers who encounter a strange family living in Texas who turn out to be cannibals with forks and knives in hand waiting for their next meal. This movie was called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and became a horror classic. Years later, two sequels were made that were not so classic. This title was released closely following the third film and is probably the best offering dealing with this property since the original. The story is gripping, adequately drawn and is in vivid color—though short-lived. If your idea of entertainment is seeing a woman close up as she is getting her head bashed in by a sledgehammer, well then pull out the crumpets because this comic book is your cup of tea.

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 Mort CastleKirk Jarvinen


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 Mort CastleGuy Burwell


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 Mort CastleGuy Burwell