The Mask Returns

 MAS4   (Dark Horse, 1992-1993)

™ and ©1993 Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

Lieutenant Kelleway, the police officer who formerly used the Mask to take down a corrupt district attorney, is in a deep coma. The Mask is now in the possession of the former girlfriend of original Mask owner, Stanley Ipkiss. Having found no way to destroy the Mask, she was resolved to hide it away from anyone else who might use it to wreak mayhem on the city.

Even without the Mask, the criminal element seemed to be doing just that. After mobsters launched a rocket attack in hopes of luring the Mask into a confrontation, she gave them exactly what they wanted. But the mobsters had a secret weapon ready—a crazed hitman named Walter, who might just be nuts enough to take on the Mask.

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