Wonder Woman: Land of the Dead

    (DC, 2006)
and DC Comics, Inc.

Wonder Woman, blinded from her battle with Medusa, tries to go about her business, but things are anything but normal. Her longtime foe, the Cheetah, breaks the crazed Soom out of prison, and it requires Flash, the fastest man alive, aiding the Amazon Princess to stop their mayhem.

Then Wonder Woman enters the realm of the dead, accompanied by Wonder Girl and Ferdinand, the Minotaur, on a mission to rescue the God Hermes. Each has been promised a boon, but will they survive the ordeal and the revelations learned along the way?

Novelist Greg Rucka (Private Wars, A Fistful of Rain, The Omac Project, Adventures of Superman) delivers a reviting adventure, accompanied by writer Geoff Johns (Infinite Crisis) and artists Rags Morales (Infinite Crisis), Justiniano (Teen Titans: Beast Boys & Girls), Drew Johnson and others.

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1 copy available for $12.50
Collects Wonder Woman (2nd Series) #214-217, Flash (2nd Series) #219; ca. 2006Geoff Johns, Greg RuckaRags Morales, Justiniano, Drew Johnson, Sean Phillips