Lucha Pop!

 LUCP   (Airwave, 2006)

™ and ©2006 Chris Yambar and George Broderick Jr.

Frequent collaborators Chris Yambar and George Broderick Jr. bring some of their best-known characters together in this quartet of lighthearted, fun stories. “Best known,” though, is a bit of a misnomer, not unlike a greatest-hits compilation by, say, The Other Guy From WHAM!

Yambar’s modern beatnik Mr. Beat is probably the best known, although the character’s appearance is little more than a supporting role in the comic-centric “Harvey Har Har!” Yambar’s Mexican wrestler hero El Mucho Grande appears in this story and also in the super-hero parody “Fangs for the Memories.” These two stories hit the funny bone dead on, but the book’s other two, an OK Indiana Jones spoof, and a mildly amusing private-eye satire, only graze it. Yambar and Broderick’s co-created heroine Suicide Blonde and Broderick’s Courageous Man, who’s been around nearly as long as Mr. Beat, are some of the other featured characters. But it’s El Mucho Grande who gets most of the spotlight.

Enjoyable? Yes. Worth the price and trouble in finding? Debatable.

— Jim Johnson

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