Sky Ape (AiT)

    (AiT/Planet Lar, 2006)
and AiT/Planet Lar, and 1997, 2006 Phil Amara

Longtime DC editor Julius Schwartz discovered that apes sell comic books, so why not create a series based on a gorilla with a strapped on jet pack who tries to save the day with comical results? The stories are peppered with some sexual situations and other comedic super-heroes that remind one of The Tick. Sky Ape is very eloquent in his speech patterns as he tries to bring order to the chaos he sees around him. Definitely for fans of super-hero parody and anthropomorphics.

Mark Arnold

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3 copies available from $1.25
 Philip Amara, Tim McCarney, Mike RussoRichard Jenkins

Book #1

2 copies available from $8.90
Collects series; Pin-Ups; Wraparound coverPhilip Amara, Tim McCarney, Mike RussoRichard Jenkins, Mark Schultz, Guy Davis, Pop Mhan, Eric Powell