Golden-Age Science Fiction Treasury

    (AC, 2006)
ô Americomics, ©2006 AC Comics

The heyday of science fiction in the comics had to have been in the 1940s and 1950s. AC has collected together in this black and white trade edition some of the best writing and art of the genre and presented them to readers new to the field. Among the books represented in these short stories are Space Adventures, Strange Worlds, and even Planet Comics. Some of the great names tied into them are Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Joe Orlando, Wally Wood and many many others!

Yes, sometimes the science was crude, the ships oversimplified, and the girls over-endowed. But these tales of tomorrow helped inspired young imaginations into what could be just over the horizon and around the next planet. If you donít have the originals, this anthology of the best is worth the space on your shelf.

ó Ron Black

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 Ross Gallun, Thorncliffe HerrickMatt Baker, Reed Crandall, Ray Willner, George Evans, Joe Doolin, Joe Orlando, Wally Wood, Henry C. Kiefer, Bill Benulis, Steve Ditko, Graham Ingels, Leonard Starr, Fred Carin, Jack Kirby, Fran Hopper, Al Williamson, Bernie Krigstein