JETT   (Airwave, 2006)

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Ace Archie illustrator Dan DeCarlo started out in comics in the 1940s working at Timely with Stan Lee on a variety of female-centered romantic comedy titles including this short-lived series about a 21st century gal named Jetta. Presaging Hanna-Barbera’s animated television series The Jetsons by a decade, the three-issue run of Jetta delighted in many of the same retro-future comedy tropes as the enduringly popular television series, and offers modern readers the same kitschy nostalgia as well.

This volume collects DeCarlo’s five Jetta strips from the original three issue run in black and white along with some vintage pin-up art and a short biography of DeCarlo written by Bill Morrison.

— Leland Burrill

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 Bill Morrison, Chris YambarDan DeCarlo, Batton Lash, Tania Delrio