Billy Hazelnuts

    (Fantagraphics, 2006)
ô and ©2005 Tony Millionaire

Bored with her doting neighbor Eugene, Becky is a precocious girl living in a quaint house whose veneer of normalcy is quickly punctured by the beasts crawling beneath the floorboards. Seeking revenge on a persecuting farm wife, rodents use rubbish to fashion a mini-man to defend them. However, when the inquisitive Becky defuses and bemuses the little terror, now christened Billy Hazelnuts, their adventures veer into the far reaches of fantasyland.

With nuts as eyes, the odd Billy and his scientifically inclined gal hunt for the place where the moon sets. But Eugene wonít give up his courtship so easily and manages to sell his soul to empower a flying galleon, piloted by reptilian pirates, to persecute them. Fighting fire on land and sea, canít these younglings get along in this psychedelic space odyssey?

Populating his weekly strip Maakies and Sock Monkey comics with a similar crew of crazy critters, Tony Millionaire scripts a dizzying stream of consciousness. These surreal visions, more provocative than comprehensible, are modern mutant progeny of Little Nemo and Krazy Kat.

ó Oliver Chin

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