The Nightmarist

 N4LM   (Active Images, 2006)

™ and © Duncan Rouleau

From the Publisher:

They know why you pull the covers around your shoulders. Why you make sure the closet door statys closed. Why you don’t let your feet dangle over the edge of the bed when you sleep… and they know none of it matters. They know who you are. They’ve already crawled inside of you. They’re already hollowing out your soul…

When an entity calling himself The Nightmarist appears in Beth Sorrenson’s dreams, claiming to protect her from forces plotting to twist her will, Beth’s reality begins to crack. With horrors closing in around her in both the waking and dreaming worlds, Beth must decide — has she gone mad, or have her dreams become ground zero in a battle for the future of mankind?

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B&W; ca. 2006Duncan RouleauDuncan Rouleau