The Crystal War

    (Atlantis, 1997)
ô and © 1997 Atlantis Comics

This 3-part series is a sequel to the Earth War saga, first presented in Newcomers Illustrated and later in a two volume collection under itís own name. After Princess DíAnna claimed the awesome power of the Rean Crystal and defeated most of the alien forces threatening both Earth and her own world, she retired to Earth, where she attempts to lead a normal life as the wife of Garrett Young.

But the call of the Crystal constantly pulls at her awareness, urging her to use itís power again. When she finally does, DíAnnaís alien origin is exposed, bringing her and Garrett under attack by the media and their own neighbors. But DíAnna wonít have to worry about that much longer, because the war thatís still being fought across the galaxy is about to land right in her front yard once again.

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