Tempest (Alias)

    (Alias, 2006)
ô and © Alias Enterprises, LLC
Benefit for the Salvation Army

2005 saw tsunamiís and hurricanes take their toll, so Community Comics spearheaded another way to help raise funds and aid for survivors with this disaster relief project with the proceeds going to the Salvation Army.

A comic book artist draws heroes for a living, but has trouble explaining to his young son about all the death and destruction they are seeing on the news. The boy reminds his dad that even one tiny act of charity or kindness can go a long way, remembering the youngster who gave Jesus his tiny lunch which ended up feeding five thousand people. The dad learns that even if you donít have much, what you can give is always appreciated by those in need.

ó Ron Black

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 Ben AveryJavier Saltares, Sherwin Schwartzrock, Sergio Cariello, Mike Worley, Tom Bancroft, Phil Hester, Mario Ruiz, Gary Shipman, Darren Brady, Jesse Hamm, Tim Kane, Nate Watson