Showcase Presents Teen Titans

    (DC, 2006)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

(from the publisher)

The “Showcase” format continues with a volume collecting BRAVE AND THE BOLD #54, 60, SHOWCASE #59, and TEEN TITANS #1-18. Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Aqualad unite for adventures only a teen team could handle!

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Collects stories from Brave and the Bold #54, 60, Showcase #59, Teen Titans #1–18; ca. 2006Bob HaneyNick Cardy, Irv Novick, Bill Molno, Lee Elias


1 copy available for $10.00
Collects Teen Titans #19–37; ca. 2007Mike Friedrich, Bob Haney, Neal Adams, Robert Kanigher, Steve SkeatesNick Cardy, Sal Amendola