The Black Coat: A Call to Arms

    (Ape, 2006)
and Ape Entertainment

Nathaniel Finch is a man ahead of his time. His time is 1775 colonial New York City. He is a respected businessman and newspaper editor as well as an inventor and skillful swordsman. It is the latter talents that he employs in his identity as the Black Coat. Set in turbulent pre-Revolutionary colonial America, The Black Coat and his network of agents, The Knights of Liberty, work to oppose the excesses of the British Crown, as well as some not so down-to-earth adversaries while the inevitability of war looms. Think of the Black Coat with his band of spies as The Shadow of the colonies. His methods and persona will be familiar to fans of pulp crime drama but the unusual backdrop makes this title unlike any other. Real historical figures like Benjamin Franklin are featured alongside bizarre characters like the Butcher and the Mummy much like history becomes intertwined with mythology and science fiction. The black and white art is appropriately dark and moody befitting the sense of foreboding that history makes poignant.

George Haberberger

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1st appearance of Black CoatAdam Cogan, Ben LichiusFrancesco Francavilla


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 Adam CoganFrancesco Francavilla


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 Adam CoganFrancesco Francavilla


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Final issue; Includes 7 1-page pin-ups & 1-page sketchbook; B&WAdam CoganFrancesco Francavilla

Book #1

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New cover; 1st appearance of Black Coat; Collects Black Coart A Call to Arms #14; Trade paperback; Wraparound cover; Includes 4-page cover gallery and 9-pages of extras; B&WBen Lichius, Adam CoganFrancesco Francavilla