Annihilation: Ronan

 ANNR   (Marvel, 2006)

ô and © 2006 Marvel Characters, Inc.

While Annihilusí invasion of our universe may have compelled many of Marvelís cosmic beings to join in the defense effort, one of the spotlighted characters has problems of a more personal nature. Ronan, the Kree adjudicator, has himself been accused of treason against the Kree Empire. He was advised of the charges in Annihilation: Prologue where he exhibited no surprise or indignation. In his miniseries he is on the run from his people and out to clear his name. But even having those preoccupations, Ronan still manages to do what he does best.

This title is one of four, four-issue cosmically-themed miniseries starring some of Marvelís space-faring characters. The other series feature The Silver Surfer, Nova and The Super-Skrull. And after those series are complete, the Annihilation saga will conclude in its own six-issue miniseries.

ó George Haberberger

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