Fear the Dead

 FETD   (Boom!, 2006)

ô and © 2006 Boom! Studios & respective artists

Essentially this is an art book, but with a twist. The art pieces in question are by various different artists and feature captions that are part of a longer piece of correspondence to alert those reading to be on the lookout for the various types of zombies that are out there and how the correspondent is struggling to stay alive. An ingenious variation on the standard art book. By doing this, the disjointed pictures have a sort of cohesive narrative that didnít exist otherwise.

ó Mark Arnold

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ArtbookRichard SanfordAleski Benjamin, Eric Powell, Frank Teran, Szymon Kudranski, Andrew Ritchie, Dan Brereton, Jay Fotos, Andy Bennett, Matt Dixon, Kidwell, Nick Tan Chee Eng, Josh Medors, Jerome Moo, Jerry Beck, Jason Alexander, Benjamin Roman, Pamela Rambo, Sanford Greene, Scott Kester, Nick Stakal, Milx, Kieron Dwyer, Tommy Castillo, Nate Pride, David Hartman, Erik Gist, Vincent Locke, Filip Sablik, Gus Vasquez, Mavis, Chris Moreno, Chris Bolton, Lee Carter, Tony Shasteen, Rob Osborne, Jeff Rebner, Dave Kendall, Kody Chamberlain, Tom Mandrake, Pilvi Kuusela, Norm Breyfogle, Sunder Ran, Casey Jones, Aadi Salman, Nat Jones, Dave Aikins, Chee, Steven Perkins