Mephisto Vs…

 MEPV   (Marvel, 1987)

™ and ©1987 Marvel Entertainment Group

In Fantastic Four #277, the devil Mephisto was defeated by Franklin Richards, son of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Of course, the source of evil can never truly be eliminated, only dissipated for a while. And when Mephisto re-formed, he set about planning his revenge on the Fantastic Four.

In the Mephisto Vs…series, he first takes on the Fantastic Four. By dragging them down to Hell, he is able to subject them to any number of delusions. Eventually, he is able to persuade Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman, to trade her soul in return for the release of the others. But while he had no valid claim on the others’ souls in the first place, Susan’s agreement lets him hold hers. Now the Fantastic Four, and later X-Factor, the Uncanny X-Men, and the Avengers must battle Mephisto to win back the soul of their friend.

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