Men of Mystery Supersized Album

    (AC, 2006)
ô Americomics, © AC Comics

Hereís another inexpensive, oversized collection of ACís presentation of Golden Age material. Thereís never a theme, so readers have to wade through a mishmash of unrelated material, but thatís kind of like what real Golden Age comics were like, and itís half the fun here.

If you want variety, thereís The Green Lama, Crimebuster, Yellowjacket, Don Winslow of the Navy, The Human Bomb, Mr. Scarlet, Bulletman, Spy Smasher, and Nyoka the Jungle Girl. Not to mention, not one, but two heroes named Catmanóthe more familiar American one has his origin retold (featuring guest appearances by The Deacon and Mickey and a villain with the now-timely motive of trying to stop animal abuse at a circus), the other a lesser-known Australian version.

And, if youíre looking for early work by great artists, the contents include The Black Terror by Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin, Captain Flash by Mike Sekowsky, Son of Sinbad by Joe Kubert, Frankenstein by Dick Briefer, two entries of Espionage by Will Eisner, and El Carim by George Tuska.

ó S.A. Bennett

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ca. 2006Bob Fujitani, Mort Meskin, Charles Biro, Paul Carroll, Erwin, Richard Foster, Dick BrieferJerry Robinson, Sam Cooper, John Dixon, Mike Sekowsky, Ed Martinott, Carl Pfeufer, John Jordan, Will Eisner, Paul Gustavson, Al Plastino, Joe Kubert, Dick Briefer, Dan Barry, Emil Gershwin, Kurt Schaffenberger, George Tuska