Bounty Killer

    (Americanime, 2006)
™ and © 2005 Michael Westerman & The Americanime Corporation

Bounty Killer is about a bounty hunter who kills his targets; the story appears to be set in the American Wild West. There are other ethnic cues here, too. The clothes of one of BK’s villains look French, and his sidekick is a large African guy who can barely ride a horse due to his size.

Westerman’s story is all over the place, as he tries to tie several plot threads together, but there’s too much going on. None of the characters presented seems more important than the others. Most of them are killers or wannabe killers, so it’s hard to find a redeeming hero in the pages. BK kills his bounty in cold blood, which is probably more realistic but doesn’t make the character endearing. There’s also no sense of how bad the criminal was before BK shoots him.

There are no ads, but at $3.50 the price is too steep. Americanime should learn from its anime brethren and think about providing more pages for the buck.

Donny Hadiwidjaja’s art is fluid and seems to work; the series isn’t quite magna and isn’t quite American comics—hence, the publisher’s name.

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Indicia says“December 2005"; B&WMichael WestermanErfan Fajar

#1 Variation A

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Red Man cover by Stefano CardoselliMichael WestermanErfan Fajar


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 Michael WestermanDonny Hadiwidjaja