Gold Digger: Throne of Shadows

 GDTS   (Antarctic, 2006)

™ and ©2006 Antarctic Press

With the evil sorcerer Gothwrain defeated, the were-rats and the rest of his underworld forces are in complete disarray… and seemingly easy prey for those who see his defeat as the key to their own success. Gothwrain’s Throne of Power gave the wizard complete knowledge of each and every one of his subordinates, and thus control of every criminal organization on the planet. Fortunately, the chair has some very effective defense measures… namely zapping the s**t out of everyone except Gothwrain’s rightful heir!

But Lydia Iceron—former assassin and current party-girl—is much too busy enjoying her newly discovered parentage and wealth to worry about mundane tasks like running a criminal empire. Unfortunately for her and her friends, the party’s about to be shut down—hard! With everyone from the FBI to Crime Syndicate X looking to take her down, Lydia will be lucky to survive, let alone do anymore shopping!

— Joseph Self

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