Secret Origins (2nd Series)

    (DC, 1973-1974)
™ and ©1988 DC Comics, Inc.

This short-lived series reprinted origin stories for DC’s most popular and enduring super-heroes, including Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Although many of the super-heroes had already, by the mid-seventies, had a variety of origin stories, this series always reprinted the “secret” origin story for a character, rather than the current, or most popular one. Readers may have been delighted at being able to enjoy the first origins of their heroes, or may have been dismayed at the sketchy quality of comic book art for early issues. If so, these qualms seem to have been addressed in 1986 when DC launched its expanded second series of Secret Origins.

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Reprints from Showcase #4, Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #33, Flash Comics #88; Origin of Superman; Origin of Batman; Origin of Flash; The Flash: Showcase #4; Superman: Action Comics #1; Batman: Detective Comics #33; Hawkman I (Carter Hall): Flash Comics #88Robert Kanigher, E. Nelson Bridwell, Jerry SiegelJoe Kubert, Carmine Infantino, Joe Shuster


5 copies available from $4.25
Reprints from Showcase #22, Action Comics #252, Showcase #34; Origin of Supergirl; Origin of Green Lantern; Origin of The Atom; Green Lantern: Showcase #22; Supergirl: Action Comics #252; The Atom: Showcase #34Otto Binder, John Broome, Gardner FoxAl Plastino, Gil Kane


7 copies available from $3.09
Reprints from Wonder Woman #1 and Sensation Comics #1; Origin of Wildcat; Origin of Wonder Woman; Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman #1; Wildcat: Sensation Comics #1William Moulton Marston, Bill FingerHarry G. Peter, Irwin Hasen


4 copies available from $4.50
Reprints from Action Comics #42 & Hit Comics #25; Origin of Kid Eternity; Origin of VigilanteMort Weisinger, Otto BinderMort Meskin, Sheldon Moldoff


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Spectre (Earth-2). Reprints from More Fun Comics #52 and #53Jerry SiegelBernard Baily


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Reprints from Superman (1st Series) #147 and Military Comics #1; Origin of Blackhawk; Origin of The Legion of Super-HeroesE. Nelson Bridwell, Will EisnerPete Costanza, Chuck Cuidera


7 copies available from $5.45
Reprints from Detective Comics #38, More Fun Comics #73; Reprints from Detective Comics #38; Reprints from More Fun Comics #73; Origin of Robin (Dick Grayson); Origin of AquamanBill Finger, Mort WeisingerBob Kane, Paul Norris