Warrior Nun: Lazarus

    (Antarctic, 2006)
™ and © 2006 Ben Dunn

The Shroud of Turin has been stolen, and the world’s stigmatics kidnapped. This isn’t a job for your typical police force—it’s time to call on Vatican Tactical Operations. This elite force serves God with the latest weaponry and superior combat skills!

The Advent, religious extremists, have left their mark on the crime, but what is the ultimate plan? Their one hope of uncovering the plot may be Vladamir Antonov, the only member of Advent ever to be captured by authorities, but his Russian guardians have their own ideas. Can the VTO stay alive long enough to put the pieces together?

— Lorie Witkop

The Warrior Nun universe has a long and proud pedigree, going back to its roots in Ninja High School. But after an auspicious start and many strong years, things cooled off. Later series were in less-than-glorious black and white and were padded with reprints. Now, the Warrior Nun franchise returns to its former glory.

Areala, the best-known sword-slinging Sister, is nowhere to be seen, but such other familiar faces as Father Crowe are on hand. The story is full of intrigue, with nothing more blasphemous in it than the basic premise — that warrior nuns exist at all. The art is some of the nicest this side of the Sistine Chapel. OK, that’s an overstatement, but it’s still pretty nice.

Lee Duhig is a comics jack-of-all-trades. He writes, shares the art duties, colors (with Guru-EFX), and even letters.
If you long for the glory days of Warrior Nunhood, fret no longer. Those days have come again.

—Jack Abramowitz

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 Lee DuhigBen Dunn, Lee Duhig, David Hutchison