Doctor Who: The Legend Continues

 DWTC   (BBC books, 2006)

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There are many, many Doctor Who books out there. A common shortcoming is, no doubt, rooted in the fact that Doctor Who is rapidly approaching its half–century anniversary.

Most of the books are by necessity so full of minutiae that one needs a Ph.D. in TARDIS Studies to approach them. These overlook many basic facts and are incomprehensible to someone whose entire exposure to The Doctor comes from Tom Baker and his scarf on PBS.

On the other hand, some cater to newcomers, with the result that there is nothing new to interest die–hard Gallifreyophiles. This book is a remarkable accomplishment in that it can be picked up, understood, and enjoyed by readers all along the Who spectrum.(Actually, picking it up is no small feat—it’s huge!)

Lavishly illustrated, it’s easy on the eyes, with plot synopses, quotes, the comings and goings of the various Doctors (including Peter Cushing) and their companions, and lots of behind-the-scenes (or, rather, behind-the-couch) information.

And, if you don’t like Doctor Who, it makes a nice, hefty doorstop!

— Jack Abramowitz

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