UTFZ   (Ape, 2006)

ô and © 2006 Scott Reynolds, Tone Rodriguez, William Wilson

Vampires have taken over the Los Angeles County Jail, which ainít gonna be good for no one. The U.T.F. (Undead Task Force) is recalled from battling zombies in New Orleans. Of course, the current crisis must be subdued without alerting the public to the existence of zombies, vamps, and the like.

The premise reads like a schlocky B-movie but itís pulled off surprisingly well. (And it might not make a half-bad movie, at that!) The pacing is also pretty good for a 23-page installment. The story starts with the jail uprising, then flashes back to how the vampire found his way to prison in the first place, Cut to the U.T.F. kicking undead zombie butt in the Big Easy, and then the whole thing comes full circle.

The art is enjoyable. While definitely too violent for the young íuns, itís no more gratuitous than actually called for. The grossest shot is the blood-soaked mouth of the vampire boss but that is necessary to establish what heís capable of doing.

U.T.F. reads better than a synopsis might suggest.

ĖJack Abramowitz

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