Blade (1st Series)

    (Marvel, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc.

A surprise hit movie in the late ‘90s resurrected fan interest in this ‘70s character, and Marvel Comics helped kick start it with this tale of the vampire-killer that’s not entirely human himself. It begins at Blade’s funeral, as he has been recently slain by Dracula, and friends and associates have gathered to lay him to his final rest. But how final is it? Private eye—and vampire—Hannibal King isn’t sure, and he enlists the aid of exorcist Daimon Hellstrom to find out. Blade can’t be dead, for his dreaded work is still unfinished.

Written by Marv Wolfman and drawn by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer, this one-shot promotional giveaway reprints Blade’s origin story from Tomb of Dracula. It’s a fast-paced yarn in which a band of heroes (anti-heroes?) battle the forces of the undead, who are led by the evil Deacon Frost, a vampire with even more powers than the average undead. Blade rises to the occasion—but he’s not the man he was.

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Reprints; Origin of Blade; GiveawayMarv WolfmanGene Colan, Tom Palmer