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Though technology has improved substantially since Shatter, the first computer-generated comic book from the ’80s, it’s clear the machine still can’t produce wholly convincing comics. Oh, to be sure, it can produce drool-worthy images (the cover of Digital Vampi #1 more than proves that), but, like the Final Fantasy movie, the quality of the work isn’t consistent throughout: Breathtaking backgrounds are often ruined by empty, mannequin-like figures.

And it doesn’t help that the comic book seems more like a Final Fantasy-type game than the usual Vampi story. The plot has DigiVampi being forced to assemble an antidote to the poison she received via a dart to the butt (seen in a nice, tight close-up), only getting a segment of it after defeating a “boss” villain—one being, incongruously enough, a virtual dragon. This is more gimmick than comic book and, though it strives hard for cool, ultimately, it just comes off feeling cold.

— S.A. Bennett

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 Brian HaberlinBrian Haberlin, George Deep

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