Marshal Law: Kingdom of the Blind

    (Apocalypse, 1990)
™ and © 1990 Apocalypse

A vigilante hero whose parents’ murder was never solved. A boy sidekick who is the latest in a long line of sidekicks who always seem to end up getting killed. Is this man a hero? Marshal Law doesn’t think so, although as a “hero hunter” he’s determined to bring the man in anyway. It’s just as well, because the man known as Private Eye is no Batman, despite their similar origins. Marshal Law can remember a day when there was a friendly neighborhood police officer on every street corner. Now, in an apocalyptic future, there is only him, and he’s determined to rid his city of criminals, psychos, and even heroes—if he finds any, that is—to make it safe. Or maybe just for his own amusement.

This twisted tale of violence and mayhem pokes dark fun at super-heroes and vigilantes, and the ultraviolence may have you needing a shower after reading it.

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