Ezra vs. 10th Muse

    (Arcana, 2006)
™ and ©2006 Arcana Studio

Sean O’Reilly’s Ezra and Darren Davis’ 10th Muse meet in this inter-company crossover. Ezra breaks into the palace of Medusa to steal a rare Bloodstone. In the process of the robbery, she meets Medusa and slays her. This is unfortunate because Perseus was supposed to kill her, and if he doesn’t, the world the 10th Muse knows will cease to exist. She has to go back in time to correct this or everything she knows will be lost. Don’t be misled by the “versus” in the issue’s title. The fight between Ezra and the 10th Muse lasts less than two pages before the characters team up against Medusa’s revenge minded sisters.

— William Gatevackes

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