Golden-Age Greats Costumed Crusaders Special

    (AC, 2006)
AC Comics

Another AC collection of super-hero tales from the Golden Age of comic books that have fallen into the public domain. The good thing about these collections is that there is virtually no other way to obtain these otherwise lost tales, and even if you could, the cost to buy the original in any decent condition would be prohibitive to most collectors.

The artwork is presented in black and white, which might be a detriment to some collectors, but actually it allows the connoisseur to see ink lines better without the distraction of registration issues so common to older comic books.

Mark Arnold

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Reprints from Exciting Comics #52, 66, Golden Lad #2, Black Terror #25, Captain Flash #1, Daredevil (Lev Gleason) #47, Fighting Yank #26, Golden-Age Greats Bk #8, Zoot Comics #13; B&WMark Heike, Jerry Robinson, Charles BiroJerry Robinson, Mort Meskin, Charles M. Quinlan, Mark Heike, Matt Baker, Nina Albright, Alec Hope, Nick Viscardi, L.B. Cole