(B-Movie, 1987, 1992)
™ and ©1987 B-Movie Comics
1992 Reprint collection from Gauntlet

Dr. Trevor Stratton is a brilliant scientist whose experiments with electricity and radium crystals might do the world a lot of good. Unfortunately, such men invariably attract the attention of less-honorable men, and that’s the case for Stratton. His experiment is wrecked by the villainous Dr. Z, whose attempt at arranging a fatal accident for Stratton has a very different result. Caught in the midst of his own devices, the scientist is turned into a virtual living battery, one who needs a powerful suit and goggles to keep his staggering powers under control. With only a vague knowledge of his accident, transformation, and new abilities, he finds himself thrust into the role of “Reactoman,” the Human Dynamo. And when Dr. Z returns to finish the job, threatening the lives of the only ones who know what has happened to him, Stratton quickly realizes that if he doesn’t come to grips with his abilities before long, it will be too late.

This relatively familiar story is written and drawn by Ken Holewczynski and published in black-and-white by B-Movie Comics.

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B&WKen Holewczynski, Brian AugustynKen Holewczynski, Dave Studzinski


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 Ken HolewczynskiKen Holewczynski


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1st Appearance of Warhead; B&W; ca. 1987Walter Stoelting, Ken Holewczynski, Brian AugustynKen Holewczynski, Dave Studzinski

Book #1

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The Compleat Reacto-ManKen HolewczynskiKen Holewczynski