Ezra (2nd Series)

    (Arcana, 2006)
™ and © Arcana Studio

With her pale white skin, red hair, and leather bustier, Ezra just might be considered the walking dead version of Red Sonja, at least in her own mind. Creator Sean O’Reilly teams with artists Alfonso Ruiz and Herrera Mauro to present the semi-humorous exploits of this former mercenary as she tries to figure out her purpose while still haunted by a life that she left twenty years ago. Unlike some other similarly busty fantasy heroines, Ezra doesn’t seem to take herself seriously and almost provides a running narration to the story, as though she’s watching the bad movie based on her own life.

— Colin Chan

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 Sean O’ReillyAlfonso Ruiz, Herrera Mauro


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Indicia notes title of issue as Ezra: Evoked Emotions #2Sean O’ReillyMaster Rove Eve


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ca. 2006Sean O’ReillyMaster Rove Eve

Book #1

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Collects Ezra (2nd Series) #1-3; ca. 2010Sean O’reillyMaster Rove, Eve