Impossible Tales

    (After Hours, 2006)

Co-writers Darren Sanchez and Hassan Godwin and artist Michael Harris team up to chronicle the adventures of Ray Wells, a time-traveling hero who looks and dresses like someone out of an old pulp novel. Hailing from the year 2285, Wells finds himself accidentally deposited in the year 2008 and pursued by the hostile agents of Chronos who want to drag him and his stolen piece of time-traveling equipment back to the future. In the process, Wells encounters a pretty doctor named Veronica and a cruise ship filled with bikini models.

— Colin Chan

From the Comic Buyer’s Guide:

Combine Quantum Leap, Jurassic Park, and The Poseidon Adventure and that’s just touching the surface of what Impossible Tales is about.

A scientist from the far future steals a time-travel device and, in a final effort to escape his captors, jumps back into modern times and lands aboard an ocean liner preparing for launch. When his would-be captors find a way to follow him, his only choice is to jump again. This time, he pulls the ocean liner and its unsuspecting crew and passengers with him. When they reappear, they realize they’re floating on a Cretaceous sea.

The story is an engaging mix of familiar science-fiction elements. The first issue does a nice job of introducing the main character and the premise and setting things up for what is sure to be a wild ride.

The overall quality is top-notch. The printing is first-class, and the sketches and other back matter add value to the price.

— Ian M. Feller

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 Darren Sanchez, Hassan GodwinMike Harris

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Wizard World Texas 2006 limited editionDarren Sanchez, Hassan GodwinMike Harris


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 Darren Sanchez, Hassan GodwinMathew Tow, Mike Harris